Pre-Construction and Planning

One of the keys to a successful project is pre-construction services. When Quadrants is engaged early in the design process, clients receive valuable input at the very time many critical project decisions are being made.

Quadrants Development’s pre-construction process is focused on incorporating all project team members into the project planning, design, procurement, fabrication, and implementation aspects of the project.

Our Pre-Construction Services Include:

    • Budget and Cost Development
    • Master Project Schedule Development
    • Construction Planning
    • Construction Risk Management
    • Value Engineering
    • Procurement & Expediting
    • Subcontractor/Vendor Pre-Qualification


With Design-Build, clients can minimize their third-party vendors and rely on Quadrants Development to be the single point of accountability for all of the design, general contracting, and construction services normally managed by separate entities.

The owner, contractor, designers, and subcontractors work together as one team to build a project that meets or exceeds the owner’s expectations. Design-build integrates design and construction, thereby reducing schedule and cost and producing higher-quality results in less time than traditional methods.

This kind of collaboration among the project’s stakeholders will help turn the owner’s vision into reality.

General Contracting

Quadrants handles all aspects of the building process, from competitive bidding to subcontractor selection to construction and close-out services.

Construction Management

  • Help you assess your building needs.
  • Find the ideal site.
  • Arrange all necessary site testing.
  • Create and manage design and production schedules.
  • Secure and manage subcontractors.
  • Ensure project completion.

Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

Quadrants Development’s over twenty years of experience as a pre-engineered metal builder (PEMB) has given us a keen understanding of the industry.

Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings are ideal for any contractor or builder looking for flexible cost-effective building solutions.

Advantages of Metal Building Construction:

  • Cost Efficiency – lower construction cost, speed of occupancy, building accuracy, energy savings, insurance savings and reduced maintenance costs.
  • Flexibility, Versatile and Customizable – there are endless width and length extension options to simplify any necessary future expansion.
  • Strength and Longer Durability – virtually maintenance free, reduced fire risk and engineered to be long lasting.
  • Environmental Benefits – recyclable, reduced waste, and environmentally friendly.

Property Management and Development

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